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lent number three in progess.

lent last year was about denying myself three C's: crackers, chocolate, and casual computing for more than an hour a day.

after further contemplation of my most recent lent thoughts, i decided to go forward with the idea of trying to develop new habits as opposed to abolish bad ones, meaning that instead of denying myself something for forty days, i'm going to Do Something at least a little or a lot for forty days. and just because i can, i decided to have the theme of this lent be three Cs as well:

composition: which can mean a lot of things, but in this context i mean music composition, and outside of the context of writing hermiston's marching band show. aside from the timpani piece that i need to finish, i've promised several groups pieces of music and i just need to get on writing stuff.

cleaning: because my cleaning habits are suspect at best, and i want to see what it's like to try to keep a better upkeep of the apartment.

camera: as in i'm going to take a photo or video of the day and likely post them onto its own facebook album.

i'm not putting any restrictions on how long or involved i do these per day - if i clean for five minutes or five hours, that qualifies. i'm also putting all of these things on hold for three particular events that fall within lent simply because of logistics: mark's bachelor party, my birthday party, and WGI finals.

The picture/video thing i need to figure out too, as in i'm not sure if i want to just find good shots or if i want to experiment with shot construction. i may try a little of both.

we'll see how it all works. hopefully i can keep it up.

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