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rising fifths

for those that don't know, i'm writing a solo timpani piece for Dave Constantine who is going to perform it in france in early 2011.

i'm working on the second movement and just came up with a complicated drum map scheme that's supposed to take an open fifth chord of D2-A2-E3 and slowly pitch shift it up while in the middle of playing to Bb2-F3-C4 a major sixth away. it's complicated because in order to achieve that aural effect of gradual shifting upwardness by microtonal measures, there needs to be a lot of shifting of drums and tuning (since the range of drum I is C2-B2, drum II is F2-D3, drum III is A2-F3, drum IV is C3-A3, and drum 5 is A3-C4).

right now i have it mapped as:

D-A-E --- I-II-III
Eb-Bb-F --- I-II-III
E-B-F# --- I-II-IV
F-C-G --- I-II-IV
F#-C#-G# --- I-III-IV
Ab-Eb-Bb --- II-III-V
A-E-B --- III-IV-V
Bb-F-C --- III-IV-V

i want to start with the gradual shift going from one to the next every six or seven measures, but gradually shift faster so that the last three or so variations shifts every two measures.

i wonder if i can get it to sound the way i want it to. we'll see.

i want to finish this piece within two and a half weeks so i can submit it to brian's new music festival in san francisco. if i can get this movement done by middle of next week, i bet i can pull that off since the structure of the last movement is pretty much already in my head and because it's going to be the most straightforward out of the three movements.

okay. time to look at hotel stuff.

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Feb. 27th, 2010 10:24 am (UTC)
Sounds really cool, I would really love to hear this. I hope there will be a recording?
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