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lent: the literal versus the conceptual

so eleven days in, there's already been one or two days where i ended up skimping out on cleaning or composing, but ultimately this lent has been very successful because of the sort of mentality shift it's given me.

before, cleaning or composing was one of those things that i put into a "project" category. something that i devote time to that would be some sort of exception circumstance. Now, even if i miss that stuff every now and again, both of those things are shifting away from the project category to a habit category, a daily routine category, and that's really what the point of doing this was in the first place, redirecting some of my time and energy on a daily basis, even if there are times when i don't feel like doing it.

and even after ten days of this, i've decided that i'm going to try to keep those two aspects going, that this shouldn't be a Lent thing but a Life thing. with the way that i live, cleaning is something that i should devote time to on a daily basis, and with the number of projects that i've half-almost promised people over the past couple of years, composing is something i should do too, and i have no reason or excuse not to even with the responsibilities of my full time job and my devotion to poker.

today is going to be a strange day. i'm getting some teeth pulled in roughly a half hour, then i'm going to come back here, try to recover, and then take care of a bunch of business; hotel business, FY11 Marching Band Budget Business, and maybe some other stuff here at home. I want to go out and play cards in the evening, but since the brass band has a 6am gig tomorrow morning that i told mark i'd go out for, it might not be a good idea to play cards tonight. we'll see what happens.

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