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Sherlock Holmes (2009)

i started it expecting to be disappointed, then when i got into it, i ended up liking it more than i expected, and then when it was over, i think i went back to being disappointed.

part of it is a subconscious thing based on half-memories of watching sherlock holmes growing up (with Jeremy Brett). that version of Holmes and the relationship between Watson and Holmes in that context is what sticks in my brain even though there's only flashes of that series that i remember, and this film's characterization of Holmes had aspects that contradicted those flashes in ways that didn't feel right or true. Which could be just an artistic liberty, partially to help the flow of the film and the flavor of the film, to which i can maybe forgive.

The big part, however, was the climactic scene between Holmes and the antagonist. Minority Report did the same thing, where the reveal of the mysteries and unanswered questions were explained by having the main protagonist explain to the main antogonist what the main antogonist did, which is just stupid no matter how you spin it. the antagonist is the one that did it. the only reasonable explanation to telling him what he did is either a) because the protagonist is an arsehole and wants to say, "nyeah nyeah i figured out your scheme!" or b) for the benefit of the audience, and in neither movie is a) the case, which leaves b). which is lazy and stupid.

even ignoring that, the mystery solving also felt too - *ponders how to say it*

it's like the audience wasn't meant to go along for the ride of the mystery, that the audence wasn't supposed to see the clues. Suggestions here and there involved a lot of smell which doesn't help the viewer any or involved some sort of visual that felt placed out of context. So the movie didn't feel like a proper Mystery, it felt like an action film that just had unanswered questions, which feels like a subtle but important difference.

maybe i need to give it another watch; it's true that i didn't really appreciate the mystery and the reveals behind Lucky Number Slevin until the second viewing. Then again, the clues in that one i think will still end up seeminig more sensible in my head than this.

i should probably wait to watch it again for a few months so it has time to breathe.

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