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ignore the fact that no one should play the voice of Batman other than Kevin Conroy, and ignore the fact that the initial debate of the film that sets the action in motion was choppy and should have been longer.

everything else about this movie ranges from good to absolutely fantastic. Never mind the awesome action scenes from the team that keeps raising the bar on great animated action. Never mind the cohesiveness of the plot from one point to the next. It's again the characterizations that make this film strong, like the characterization of Sinestro in Green Lantern: First Flight and the characterization and relationship of Diana and Steve in Wonder Woman. In this film it's Owlman that took center stage for me. A formidable antagonist whose conception of the bigger picture and resultant actions and motivations behind them is staggering. Beyond that, everyone had their role to play, and it's always nice to see a movie like this manage to separate individual personality and motivations in a way that is effective and realistic.

There were times when i felt the dialogue was a little shaky and a bit oversimplified, and the tail resolutions happened a little too quickly for my taste, especially in comparison to the other movies, but these are minor complaints. This is the sort of thing i can watch over and over again and not get bored, and i likely will.

Ranking it against the other DC Original Animated Movies is tough; i have such an affinity for GL: FF and was suitably impressed with the Sinestro origin story that it still ranks top on my list. After that, it's difficult to know whether to put this over Wonder Woman or under it. It definitely goes above Gotham Knight, Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, and Superman: Doomsday.

Looking forward to the next one.

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