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productive day isn't over yet.

this morning when i woke up, i got a lot done. lots of Tulane emails to get off of my plate - meeting minutes, program notes for the concert, some recruitment emails, some database maintenance, some photoshop work. Then i switched to hotel research for my bday party and discovered and later confirmed that hotels in nola are just fucking expensive. i guess that's what happens when you live in a touristy town. After lunch i ended up having a quick but wonderful conversation with kate, and then i cleaned up a little bit.

went out to metairie because i was supposed to pick up a hard drive, but then it ended up not being there for reasons that don't matter. Arranged to pick it up tomorrow, then decided to slow down my pace because i didn't actually get a lot of sleep last night, so i played some prolific and then decided i needed a nap.

woke up and reinstalled Live on my PC because some files got corrupt. Installed Live on my Mac and confirmed that files made in 8.1 don't work on 8.0.4. boooooo. started to conceive of ideas for Mark's new Martian Luther piece. Looked into getting a replacement for my pc laptop to function as my martian luther and portable machine, thought about getting a mac mini, but i'm not sure yet. Before too long i decided to try to finish up the powerpoint presentation that i need to have ready for tomorrow. I didn't get it done before i had to pack up for Martian Luther rehearsal.

now i'm home. i'm going to finish up the powerpoint presentation, generate the other report i need to for tomorrow's early meeting, prep what i need to for the individual appointments i have tomorrow, then maybe mess around with zoho's new report functionality. Maybe not, though. may try to paper sketch more of the timpani piece, and then wind down.

it feels good. i've been such a slug since my oral surgery, i feel like keeping it going.

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