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i wonder what the paradigm is for the six friends that get displayed on my profile wall. clearly it's not just Random because right now if i hit reload a bunch of times on my profile page, out of my current 696 friends it chooses these six friends:

load one: meghan carfioli, deb apprille, chris cuccio, daniel balliew, brian gardiner, sue kim
load two: sue kim, meredith williams, david grant, chris cuccio, felisha klouda, meghan carfioli
load three: judy katz unrein, chris cuccio, meredith williams, deb apprille, sue kim, amy mohn rumer
load four: deb apprille, meredith williams, meghan carfioli, felisha klouda, brian gardiner, chris cuccio
load five: brett kane, brian gardiner, daniel balliew, sue kim, felisha klouda, deb apprille
load six: daniel balliew, brett kane, amy mohn rumer, deb apprille, judy katz unrein, meghan carfioli
load seven: david grant, brian gardiner, meghan carfioli, deb apprille, judy katz unrein, meredith williams
load eight: judy katz unrein, felisha klouda, chris cuccio, meghan carfioli, sue kim, brian gardiner
load nine: amy mohn rumer, deb apprille, meghan carfioli, david grant, meredith williams, sue kim

so out of 696 people it's choosing to display about a dozen or so of my friends only no matter how many times i decide to reload the page.

that doesn't feel like a "poor programming" thing as much as a "deliberate" thing, kind of like the front page deliberate thing of "reconnect with him/her!" which i have theorized and proven after a basic level of testing that it suggests who to reconnect with based on how long it's been since that individual has logged into facebook. but it's not the same thing as that because meghan has commented on my photo albums recently and i've played prolific with deb recently and seen wall posts by a few others fairly recently.

so i wonder what facebook is trying to push with these dozen people, and i wonder who the next rotation will be.

ooh, maybe i'll go to a different computer and see if for some strange reason it cycles through different people on another computer. i don't think it will, but it's still a fun thing to try.

edit: yeah, same group of people on a different computer.

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Mar. 9th, 2010 12:22 am (UTC)
with mine, i feel like it's less of the front-page "reconnect with this person" who is just someone who hasn't logged in in a while. with my six, it is usually people whose profiles i deliberately go to from time to time, or friends of those people - so it's rarely those who don't log in often. it's kind of enjoyable because on some days i feel like it's "intuitive" and brings up people i'm thinking about. haha.
May. 20th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC)
I'm just that special ;)
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