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i found this....

...from the LJ of purple_thread.

I am: darknote
I think: or i zone. not a lot in between.
I know: my life needs fixing.
I want: to know who i really am.
I have: a lot of external reasons why i'm a good, even great person.
I wish: i could believe them.
I hate: two people named george.
I miss: anyone who has ever been close to me.
I fear: rejection
I hear: music all of the time. Sound all of the time.
I wonder: about death
I regret: very little in the long run.
I love: so many people.
I ache: constantly, or at least that's how it feels recently.
I care: too much about everyone else and not enough about me.
I always: crave affection
I am not: a straightforward individual
I dance: to the beat of DDR
I sing: when i teach
I cry: in my soul more often than my eyes
I do not always: admit my weaknesses to myself or anyone else
I write: music. it's my profession.
I win: at extinction chess more often than not.
I lose: gracefully for the most part.
I confuse: myself often. others some, but they'd get more confused if they really knew who i was.
I listen: all the time.
I can usually be found: on my computer
I need: to get out of this university.
I am happy about: the way i teach my high school kids
I should: eat something since i haven't yet today.


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March 2017