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just some musings out loud:

trying to finish this timpani piece by Brian's new music festival deadline may be tougher than i thought because of devon coming into town and mark's bachelor party. i feel pretty good about the first two movements, so maybe after i dress up those scores, i'll see what brian says about submitting that with the understanding that there's one more movement that i can probably get done by late april or may. Since i'm going to try to make Dave play it and he's already been working up the music anyway, maybe it'll work out.

After that, the next priority for me is to do Kim's marching band show. we talked last week about what we thought would be good for a field show, and it narrowed down to maybe an indiana jones show, an alice in wonderland show, maybe a latin show, and a few stragglers. i need to get the music into my ear more to get a better idea of what i think will work, although a lot of the success of last year's show was because of some of the visual design, so i guess part of it will be what do we feel would make the best visual impact (in the context of their budget).

after that i was planning on writing a percussion ensemble piece for Heather's middle school, but given Charle's recent news of pancreatic cancer and the fact that i always meant to write a piece for him and his ensemble, i'm planning on writing something in dedication of him. i'm not sure what that's going to be; probably something for four players or less. Maybe another solo timpani piece since timpani was his main deal.

that should take me to next fall where then i'll also be occupied trying to put together a new music ensemble for Tulane in the middle of marching band season. I'll write Heather's percussion ensemble piece after that.

With that sort of planning, i have plenty of time to figure out what'll happen after that.

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