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the non-weekend weekend.

for reasons tangental to this post, devon came into town to hang out for a few days, and it was a pretty fantastic time. it kind of went like this:

sunday he got in in the early evening. we went to cooter browns to get food, which consisted of philly's (i had a chicken/bell pepper/onion philly and devon had a shrimp/bell pepper/onion philly), raw oysters, fries, hot boudin, and drinks. we debated about the use of horseradish on oysters.

later that evening mark came out with us to Roberts where we went and get more drinks and played ping-pong. It took us a while to get the table, but eventually we did and it was a lot of fun. Two guys were in there playing pool and one of them i had played ping pong with before, and he ended up playing me and mark. he's quite a good player, so i got a good workout.

monday, devon and i went down to the quarter to eat jazz brunch at the court of two sisters. The atmosphere was very touristy, and the food was only okay for the price we paid ($28 per person for an all-you-can-eat buffet). it was a fine experience, and the music was very good, but i don't think i would do it again by choice. there are plenty of other breakfast places around here that have better food, and atmosphere, particularly a tourist atmosphere, can only carry so much.

After we got done with that, i had a few meetings to go to in which devon was planning on hitting up the AT&T store via street car. after my meetings, i came home to find that devon had instead slept for three hours because he's a lightweight. :) we waited for mark to finish his concert band rehearsal and then went down to the quarter to eat at coops where we got the typical stuff we get when we go to coops: crabmeat stuffed jalapeno peppers, lamb ribs, fried chicken, rabbit and sausage jambalaya, and red beans and rice. i opted out of the rabbit and sausage jambalaya in honor of kurt and laura's bunny dexter who died a few days before. after coops we went to the maple leaf to hear Papa Grows Funk play, which was a pretty decent jam group. that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

on tuesday, we went to the westbank and got pho from the pho tau bay. awesome as usual. after that mark went to go teach at Hurst, and devon and i ran errands to prep for our evening crawfish boil. we got a sack of oysters (maybe six dozen), 20 lbs of crawfish, not nearly enough corn, garlic, potatoes, hot sausage, beer, five bottles of wine, and a few other miscellaneous goodies. The crawfish boil that night was a decent party, roughly ten or so people that floated in and out. it rained on us a little bit, but it didn't matter. everyone was pretty satisfied, particularly devon.

after that, we went to the maple leaf again to hear the Rebirth Brass Band play, and the amount of people that were there vs. papa grows funk was maybe 4x. it was one of those situations where you had to push at least three people on either side to get through the initial crowd. it was pretty crazy. after we fought our way to the back we ended up having a conversation with a guy who was a USC law kid. he was pretty drunk and thus making some wonderfully contradictory statements (i'm a pacifist, but i think all bad people should be killed). Rebirth was okay, but there were a lot of balance issues, particularly in the trumpets who didn't back their sound off for times when they were accompaniment.

wednesday morning i went and bought some breakfast supplies: eggs, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, orange juice, and champagne. We went to mark's place and extracted crawfish meat from the leftovers of the previous night and then devon cooked us up a crawfish scramble with hashbrowns. then i dropped him off at the airport.

it was a packed three days, and a memorable one. devon and i have a very close lifelong friendship deal that we both value highly, and it's these sorts of experiences that make us appreciate that friendship and each other that much more which is more important to me than anything.

good times.

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