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productive day today:

i got a bunch accomplished today. felt good.

-four loads of laundry. those are almost done. then i need to reorganize my clothes area a little since it's somewhat haphazard.

-bought WGI tickets.

- solidified the possibilities for my birthday party deal now that final numbers are coming in. because of scale and availability of my ideal venue, i'm thinking of moving the big event from saturday to friday. for most people that should work; for hieu it won't, but there'll be plenty of other hangout time on saturday and sunday, but i'm going to double-check with him in any case, and if it's good, book the deal for friday april 9th.

- created a draft of the new email signature for the marching band staff in an effort to establish our Brand.

- dressed up the notation of my timpani dances movement II. i need to make some decisions about how it's notated. i don't completely buy the notation, but i'm not sure what would work better. i emailed Rob Maggio for some advice.

-cleaned out the fridge and other various trash stuff for trash day.

-booked up rehearsals for my chamber piece that's being played on the spring concert.

-ordered two double-bass bows. french style, jess, sorry.

i should call up joey about this weekend. martian luther rehearsal just got cancelled, so i have more time to do other shit, which i feel like doing because i'm in that mode. Mark is trying to sway me to go to Roberts for ping pong. that's probably a good idea too, do some physical stuff. it might eat into the rest of my productive evening, but sometimes thems the breaks.


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