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the month of may

may is going to be a busy time for me and there's a lot that i need to get done, so i'm formulating a loose Plan.

loose is the important word. It'll probably be something similar to the lent thing i just did in that i'll want to commit myself to doing a little bit of something that i need to be doing every day. The top items up for bid are:

1. Hermiston's marching band show. We decided on a show, now it's just a matter of figuring out the show design. I have all of the indy soundtrack downloaded; leading up to the first of may this week i'm going to spend at least a half hour to an hour each day listening to the music and figuring out how i want to shape the show.

2. The little details to prep for mark and amanda's wedding. I need to get registered with the city for my ordination, but i'm giving myself a complicated process to get to that point because i think it's time for me to get a proper driver's license which also means a few other logistical details as it relates to my car. That will get taken care of this week.

3. Tulane's pre-game video. I need to finish looking at the video materials and then try to put it together into a rough mock up so that Mark and Barry can look at it and we can make some decisions about it.

4. Tulane's half-time show. This will be dependent on mark's schedule of completing the wind parts, but i know that he's planning on getting it done before the wedding because he doesn't want to have to deal with it in july.

Aside from those projects, the WSOP at Harrah's is happening in the second week of May and there are at least two tournaments that i want to go to. Kate is coming at the end of may, which is very exciting. Additionally i've started playing online poker again and have decided that i really like rush poker now that i have the hang of it. i expect that i'll be doing a lot more of it and trying to set aside some hours of particular days to play long sessions while other days may be short sessions. I may try to delve into doing one table of rush hold 'em and one table of rush omaha as opposed to two tables of rush hold 'em, but we'll see what happens. I think i want to get another good few sessions of two rush hold 'em tables so that some of the psychology of those games (which are very different) can become more natural and then i can see how that will apply to the omaha games.

i still have to finish my timpani piece too. That might be a may thing, but it could get pushed depending on everything else going on. After that, i think the next thing i'll be devoting my energy to creatively is the new music ensemble that i want to form at Tulane and maybe writing a piece for the Tulane percussion ensemble.

we'll see how all this works out.


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