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good samartian moment.

so i played in the PLO8 tourney today (busted around 23rd) and then played cash for a while after. i was up a couple hundred, ran into someone who rivered the nut flush, plopped me back down to even. but i was having good conversation with two guys who i had played tournaments with, and i was feeling good about my play overall, so i was in a good mood when i left the casino around 04.10.

i got in my car and started to drive down the loops of the parking garage. sometime around level 3, a black guy who was by his van looked at me directly, beckoning me with a look of 'hey can you help me out' sort of face. i rolled down my window and asked, 'what's up?'. he said, 'do you have a tire iron?' i said, 'yeah, hold up,' pulled next to him and got the tire iron out of my trunk. he and his wife said that they'd been waiting for roughly an hour for someone to drive by and stop. their tire was totally flat and busted, like someone might have slashed it in the parking lot. i asked them if they knew how it got flat, and they said they didn't know. they had a tire iron, but one of the lug nuts and their iron was super stripped, so they wanted to try someone else's tire iron to see if they could the lugs off.

so yeah. i helped a couple change their flat tire in the harrah's casino parking lot at 4:30am. i almost didn't go play cards today, and this is the best reason for me to be glad that i did.

after it was all done, he wanted to give me something for my trouble. i tried to tell him he didn't need to give me anything, but he was very insistent. i was at least able to talk him down from giving me $10 to giving me $5.

home now. it was a damned good day. and the days can only get better.


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May. 14th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Society in general just doesn't give a damn about anyone else. That saddens me. Mendel, you're a badass. ^^
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