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funny variance.

i forgot to mention the silly thing that happened over the weekend in poker world.

There was a guy who was sitting across from me who was visiting from Texas. He was a pretty solid player, although a little tight and not much of a bluffer. He was a nice enough guy, quiet, but sometimes engaging in the conversation around us.

there were three huge pots that he ended up being all-in on. two against other people, one against me. They went like this:

hand one: board comes out AKx. PFraiser (not him) c-bets pretty strongly, texas guy raises, original raiser shoves, texas guy calls. Raiser shows KK, flopped a set. Texas shows AK. River comes an Ace.

hand two: board comes out pretty random. Texas had pfraised, had a bunch of callers (loose preflop table). Board comes out something i don't quite remember, Q82 or something. Texas fires at the pot, guy to my right reraises, Texas thinks for a while, reluctantly calls. Turn comes some sort of blank. Texas checks turn, guy to my right goes all in. Texas doesn't have enough behind to fold since guy to my right has shown he can make aggressive bluffs, so he calls, shows KK. other guy shows Q8. River comes 2.

hand three: someone raised $15 and there were about 6 callers. i call with KhJh. Board comes KQ7 with two hearts. Texas guy bets out $75. i raise to $200. He reraises allin, an additional $450. I think for a while because i'm running through the pot calculation and determine that i need to call ($450 to win $1500 and i only marginally put him on a set). He turns over Q7. turn and river blank.

so in the two big pots he was behind, he catches a a two outer and then (essentially) a 3-4 outer to win, but when i'm behind against him and have roughly 15 cards in the deck that can help me (all my flush outs, two Ks, three Js, potential runner runner pair or runner runner straight), i blank on the turn and the river.

i came back pretty well by the end of the night, so no big complaints. it was just a funny circumstance, and if it had gone in my favor i would have profited about $1000 that night instead of $100.

that's cards for ya.

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