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in general my sleep patterns have been weird, but the truly annoying thing is that i think i've been sleeping a lot more as of late.

i mean, it's summer, and hot temperatures tend to make me want to nap, and i get that, but i dunno. maybe i'm all getting Old or something, but it feels like the days where i could do 4 hours a day if i had to are now in my past.

it's hard to tell, though. i mean, i do still do 10-12 hour poker sessions, i still generally don't go to sleep until after midnight. i don't really track exactly how much i sleep because i don't want to really care, i'd rather let my body tell me whether or not it needs rest or not.

it could also be a cycle that i just need to fight through. When my body gets used to a certain sleep cycle regardless of if the daily is irregular, it wants to stay in that cycle and it can take a little bit of adjustment.

i mention all of this because last night i intended on taking an hour nap from 23:00-0:15ish, and instead i slept through the night and got up just about now. kind of annoying, but that's okay. at least i'm awake now and can get some shit done.


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May. 27th, 2010 12:50 pm (UTC)
I do sleep more than when I was younger, and getting up after 5 hours of sleep to watch the finale of LOST live had me wiped out later in the day (this wouldn't have happened when I was younger). The sun coming up at 4:30am this time of year and warmer weather causes me problems too.
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