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M vs m

people that know me know that i generally don't use capitalization all that much, partially because of laziness and partially because for philosophical reasons, particularly the capitalization of the word 'i'.

when it comes to proper names, i tend to not capitalize. i talk about mark or megan or kim or bryson or whoever and usually it's all lowercase, and the times it's not is arbitrary. with my own name, i think i capitalize it more often, but that's usually because the usual context in which i actually have to type my own name is in the context of formal documents such as contracts or professional letters &c. given the choice i'd prefer to keep it all lowercase.

it's funny to me, then, that when i'm signing an email with just my first initial that i always do that initial in uppercase. i'm not sure why that's different; maybe because that helps to represent it being an initial/acronym of a larger word, but that's not something i've ever put into concrete thought, it's something that i've always done out of habit.

and it makes me wonder if that's something that i want to change despite the fact that using a lowercase m looks very strange to me to use as a quick sig. i'll give it a fleeting thought; much more than that isn't worth the energy for something of relatively little importance.

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