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TUMB pregame video

for those that aren't privy to my facebook or my youtube channel, i'm working on a promotional TUMB video that will be played on the jumbotron at the Louisiana Superdome prior to us performing at halftime. the first draft of it looks like this:

a few notes about it:

-the audio recording of the drumbeat (which, for those that don't know, is called "The Mendel" and is a drumbeat that i brought back from my early days at West Chester) is rough, a rip from this video to provide the framework for the video piece. It will get rerecorded at studio quality for the final version.

Crowd noise or some sort of white noise will be present throughout as opposed to just the beginning. i'm not sure exactly how i want that to work yet. In my head it was just about "it needs some ambience", but constant crowd noise might not be the right thing. we'll see how it goes when i get some crowd noise to insert.

The transition section at 0'11"-0'15" will be done differently to emphasize strong beats as opposed to the accents that syncopate the beat. It *may* also involve some layering, but i have to play with it to see how it would look. I initially had an idea of splitting the screen into four quadrants or something and adding a layer of video to each quadrant, but that seems pretty hokey to me now and also out of context with the current journey of the video.

Crowd shot two will get rolled forward so that the slow-down/fade moment captures the waving guy better.

The ending shot that uses the end of the 2009 Tommy show will not be there. It will instead be a series of accelerated visual movement videos that ends with an image of the Tulane pregame "block T" that will then fade into the logo. The exact concept is something i'll have to play around with.

The final note of the drumbeat will have an added electronic low frequency kick with a slow decay to accent the fade to the logo.

All visual percussive impacts will be tightened.

i know that i have to solve the deinterlacing issue.


if anyone has any opinions or thoughts about the video, i'm open to it.


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Jun. 16th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Neat video.

My thoughts are:
1) The cut from the crowd in the very beginning to the drum line could use either a better transition (than the sharp cut you have) or cut to an earlier part of the drum line clip--that way when they transition into slow-mo they are more obviously on beat or obviously syncopated (whatever you're going for)

2) There are too many shots that has the lined-paper sort of filter while turning black and white. I would suggest leaving that effect to one or two shots, otherwise I got bored or predict watching it over and over again. This is a really interesting piece and it's extremely short, which gives you all the more excuse to change it up!

3) Perhaps try starting a shot slow-mo, then speeding it up--throw the audience off! This beat is kick-ass, I would suggest using more clips where people are moving in slow-mo so it drags the viewer in and forces them to feel it, too, rather than watching people move to it and just experiencing the beat.

4) For the logo shot--any way to have the background be completely black, or at least fade to white so it blends in? Perhaps make your own text in the video and place the logo on top. Clean design says a lot!

Hope that at least helps a little!
Jun. 16th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
i forgot to mention the opening. i'm going to try to intersperse some green screen tenors with that scene playing the drumbeat to start. that might make the sudden transition a bit smoother.

the 'lined paper filter' that you speak of is not intentional, if i'm interpreting it right. that's an artifact of the clip slowing down that hopefully will get rectified when i deinterlace the final version of the video.

the idea of starting slowmo and then speeding up might be how the new climax works and some of the transition. hadn't really thought about it, i'm still trying to work those moments out in my head, we'll see what i come up with.

and yeah, the ending will definitely be cleaner. that part of the video is *very* rough. i think fading it in with the white will be better than making it black background - the colors of the logo make more sense to me with a white background as opposed to a black one.

thank you, dear. :)
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