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Leverage (2008-)

When the producers put this show together they wrote the first season as being standalone since they didn't know how popular it would be and if it would get renewed. Knowing that makes a lot of sense given that the second season and now the third season feel more scrambly and less polished, not so much with their individual episode ideas (which have been hit and miss throughout) but with their large plot arc conception. At this point the show would do better to try to abandon the idea of creating more than a basic large picture thread because the ones that they've tried from season 2+ have either been abandoned for no reason or are so poorly conceived and executed that all it does is highlight how poorly conceived and executed they are. the most blatant and annoying example of that is the season two cliffhanger. There were a few things left open-ended that were exciting to speculate on how they would get resolved, but in the season three opener those few things were completely ignored and i doubt that they'll ever be resolved. that makes it seem like they wrote the cliffhanger with nothing more than a vague idea of how they were going to deal with it a year later and then a year later they were like "oops" and glossed it over hoping no one would notice or care enough.

it's a shame, really, because otherwise the show isn't too bad. it's not *great*, but it's fun enough to watch as the episodes come out, and even though the episode formulas are pretty predictable, the episodes themselves are unique enough to not make that a detraction. I'm predicting that that will change towards the end of this season and if there ends up being a season four, but in my mind it's kind of gone the way of Farscape in that i have an affinity for the show now, so i'll probably continue to watch it until the end and still like it okay even if it does turn into complete crap.

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