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current happenings.

i'm kind of working on about five music projects simultaneously. Tulane's drumline show is going to be done by this weekend, and the rest of hermiston's show is going to be done by early next week. knocking those two off of my plate will be pretty good, and the downwords project doesn't have a strict deadline and i'm in pretty good shape on that one too. Once the Tulane stuff is done i'm going to try to do some serious work on David's mvt III of the timpani piece which is mostly sketched out on paper but has to be revised in the computer for pacing and then properly notated. Then i need to do final work on the TUMB pregame video.

i'm still tickled by the fact that i'm going to be creating a video that's going to be played on the jumbotron in the superdome, and it's going to be "the mendel" that's played over top. how i got that to work i have no idea.

Once mid august rolls around i'll finish the tail end of the timpani piece and call it done. Then i need to work on putting together the new music ensemble concert details for the spring and write Heather a percussion ensemble piece for her group at Hurst. I don't have a good idea of what that's going to be yet. Originally i was going to do a Metheny arrangement, but now i'm thinking it should be something original, especially if they take it to a competition in the spring, which may be likely.


so i joined a local ping pong league. it all came about because i met a girl named kourtney whilst playing ping pong at the local bar Roberts who is a regular there, and a couple of weeks later i played in a ping pong competition at that bar where she brought her new doubles partner from the league that just started its new season. Her double partner is a 60+ year old guy who has some serious ping pong skills and they were both hyping up the ping pong league, so i went this week to check it out.

and yeah, it kicked my ass. out of the 12 or so players there i'd have to say i'm probably the third worst. But that's a good thing because it's going to make my game better overall. i haven't taken ping pong seriously in over a decade and a half, and since i'm not diddering that much anymore this is a good alternative physical outlet. I kind of want to get back into diddering somewhat, but without a community or a machine that's super close i don't think that it'll be anything other than just casual. i could see myself getting into it again if my living circumstances change (i get a house, i buy a serious pad that i can hook up to stepmania).


i'm going to be starting up a monthly local microstakes poker game at my apartment. It will require some moving around of furniture and buying new stuff to accomodate for the potential crowd of two tables which won't happen the first game but seems likely in the second game. In my head i have this idea to make a league out of it, to maybe hold a tourney once every four months or something and offer up some sort of big prize at the end of the year. i don't know if i can do that effectively since it's difficult to make a tournament like that lucrative for the sort of microstakes that i'm sporting for the cash games. we'll see what hpapens. i'm not going to take that seriously until this gets rolling and i determine how popular it is.

life continues to push forward. it's a good sort of journey, busy as fuck right now, but in ways that are manageable and in ways that i like. The day i complain about having too many creative projects on my plate and too big of a social life, the day i have to rethink about who i am.


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March 2017