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speaking of time passing.

recently i noticed that i wasn't receiving comment notifications from LJ or other notifications from FB, &c. i decided it didn't matter that much since i got notifications okay from my iPhone for fb and LJ was easy enough to track, but i had some spare time today to deal with it.

discovered that for some reason my POP settings to import my darknote dot org email to gmail stopped working; settings on either gmail or darknote got erased, so i had a crap load of emails sitting in my darknote.org from this past month that never got responded to. sorry to those of you that emailed me directly and never got replies.

no problem. set up the POP settings, slowly over an hour or so the emails came in to my gmail, now i can send stuff from either gmail or darknote.

one of the side effects of the whole thing was that it imported *everything* that i had in my inbox from my darknote email, including historic stuff before i got my gmail account that had prior been idle in the inbox (which makes me think that my previous forwarding rule was on darknote.org as opposed to gmail). So suddenly i had about 150 emails from 2006 and before sitting in my gmail box unread.

and... it was weird. seeing email addresses and LJ account names and subjects and some emails from my past, representing a different point in my relationship life, my mental health, my living space, all of it. especially given recent sorts of emotional transitions transpiring in my head, going back and seeing where things were versus where things are gave me a small tinge of something that could be identified as regret.

But it didn't last long. so much can change in five years, two years, one year. to get too caught up with either highs or lows of a current moment and ignoring the big picture isn't something that sits right with me. Life is what it is, and i continue to push forward with my eyes as bright as possible, cherishing everything that has made me what i am.

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March 2017