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clocks and chaos

most people who know me understand that philosophically i'm opposed to exact time. The reasons why aren't that important, but one of the decisions i made several years back related to this was to let any powered clock (except for my [Tix Clock]) that wasn't sync'ed to a time server start its midnight at the time that the power was turned on. This applies mostly to things like microwaves.

At some point i had to replace the car battery in my car, and upon replacing it my car clock reset itself to midnight at 1.5 hours ahead (or 2.5 hours ahead the other half of the year). It was like that for a good year and a half. Then, my car suffered some flood damage so i took it to a detail shop to get it dealt with, and someone in the shop who was working on the car decided to set the clock to the correct time.

i just noticed it today. and it's *incredibly* weird. before my battery was replaced, my car clock was about a half hour off, and was like that for a good 5+ years. To look at the clock in my car and see the correct time throws me off, makes me think that the time can't be right.

which is pretty fucked up if you think about it. sounds about right for me.

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