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speed of light

so i bought a camera, new for me, but not a new camera. i was doing a search for either the powershot A630 or A640 and an A640 randomly popped up on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $199 where most of the time those cameras sell at $450 new or even auction end. Score.

i kind of want to take a picture of it using... it. This is where i wish the speed of light was slow enough that i could put the camera into "frame", then quickly move the camera to its "taking" shot and snap the picture at the same time that the light would reach the camera. It could take a few tries to do, but it'd be worth it just for the fun of it.

what i *am* going to do to celebrate it is make a new iidx video, which also means dusting the iidx controllers off of the shelves for the first time in a very long time other than that time i did Recollection A14 on the ground. I decided to work up Abyss the Heaven's Remix [14k] to something respectable again because that one is easier for me than some of the other ones (i can still pass that one and i can no longer pass easier 7s such as Star Field on 14k. boo hiss) and then i'll take a couple of videos of it, one of my hands and one of the screen.

then i dunno. may do some other picture taking, but i'm not sure what of. i don't really have the time or motivation to do a 40 pics a day thing until lent. I'll figure something out.

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