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some poker evolution

before i left for new orleans a couple of years ago i was playing cards regularly at a Eugene club called "Full House". it's a great little club, and it had the distinction of offering alternatives to Hold 'Em on certain regular nights of the week.

It was there that i honed up on some of my HORSE/mixed game play on Tuesday nights and my PLO play on thursday nights. I played a bunch of that stuff in cheap home games and online on FT, but at the time, live play made me grok the concepts better than i could online, and there were a few regulars of the club that were mixed game/PLO veterans who taught me a lot about how to improve my play, both just by watching them and through discussion (it was a small club and we were all pretty friendly with each other).

when i moved to new orleans, mixed game and omaha pretty much stopped for me because the only offerings that the casino had here for that was a 4/8 limit half and half game (one time around the table of hold 'em, one time around the table of omaha), so with the exception of the two annual WSOP events, i became strictly a NLHE player. I used to consider myself a better Omaha player than a Hold 'Em player, but as i started to play Hold 'Em pretty exclusively and i started to improve my play, i started to feel like a better hold 'em player. It still has some holes in it as i learn to be more aggressive (i used to play too passive) and try to deal with maximizing my made hands and minimizing loss/evaluating fold equity on missed hands.

I've had a bad run at live cards these days, my fall schedule has gotten pretty busy, and FT was running another cash bonus deal. All of these circumstances has led me to start playing online more often again, and while at first i was sticking to NLHE, i started to branch back into PLO8 just to mix it up.

And by doing that, i discovered that while i may not be the best OH8 player, i'm still pretty damned good, or, at the very least, still a better OH player than a HE player. Either that or people just aren't as good at omaha as they are in hold 'em. Maybe both.

So yeah. Online is pretty much just about OH8 these days, both PL cash, PL sit-n-gos, and FL sit-n-gos. I've done pretty well so far for the stakes i'm on (of the handful of FL SnG's i've played i've only failed to cash in one of them), although yesterday was frustrating as i was able to get it in after the flop with straights and nut or second nut low draws and got beaten by boats and bricking for the low three times in rapid succession. Ugh.

I've also discovered a regular Stud8 cash guarantee tourney; last night i went out pretty much on the bubble because someone caught a better 2p than i did (it was nasty), but i feel pretty good about my Stud8 skills too after that tourney, so i may start delving back into that realm and HORSE as well. i may even go over to boomtown to play their live stud8 game just for fun. We'll see.

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