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so i'm contemplating actually buying a television.

of the three computers i use at home, one of them (my old Mac) functions pretty much as a television box only, as in i have it souped up with large capacity hard drives of which exists a great deal of downloaded telly that at the very least i fall asleep to every night since i usually need to have some noise to sleep. Sometimes it functions as an actual Computer, but only on a casual basis since the computer is relatively old and slow, and the processor might be on its dying legs, so i keep its actual processing power to a minimum.

Since most flatscreen tellys these days have the ability to accept VGA input, i figured that i could buy one to replace my computer monitor, also giving it the ability to be purpose-flexible (mainly iidx, but also maybe for casual group movie watching).

thing is, i don't know crap about televisions these days, and don't know what's a reasonable price or a reasonable telly for my purposes. I don't need anything super fancy or super huge. I definitely want it to be a flatscreen because i think i'm going to mount it on my wall. I need something that will not cause lag for when i want to play iidx.

so who has recommendations and a general price range? ballpark and manufacturer is fine, or if it doesn't matter because i'm just a low-end casual user, that's fine too.

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Sep. 28th, 2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
I like my Philips LCD TV but I think they've stopped selling in the US. LG, Sony, Samsung make great sets, but so do many others. If you're only using it for TV then inexpensive ones are fine. If you are using it for non-video computer stuff or still photos you might look into some of the better ones which can show a larger color space. Check Amazon and Newegg for prices.

Comparing TVs in most stores is nearly useless because they have them on ridiculous max-brightness max-sharpness max-saturation settings...although if they have remote controls you can try to reset it to something reasonable.
Sep. 29th, 2010 10:11 am (UTC)
ironic. i just destroyed mine with a hammer.
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