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in my head i have a concept of taking a 2d fighter such as SFII or MvC2 or Tekken or whatever and adding the concept of Braid's [time distortion bubble].

i'm not sure exactly how it would work, if it would be the power of a certain character or if everyone had the ability to do it. i also don't know what sort of practical effect it could have in gameplay. there was some sort of xbox live game i remember playing years ago at mark's, a shooter in which time distortion also included a zoom so that you had both more time and a clearer shot which improved aim. maybe this could be something like that, where gameplay zooms from the typical screen length to a closeup, and while that close up is happening, an entirely different set of moves is possible because of the time distortion.

typing that out loud, however, makes the concept different than what i originally intended; doing the above makes it more like a blanket time distortion where things for everyone slows down at the same rate. The idea of using a time distortion bubble is that things closer to the bubble are slower than things farther away, and in the context of a fighter where most of the interaction happens in the same space, that concept wouldn't make any difference. for projectile throwing it would make a difference, but that's dull; what i'm looking for is something in which time distortion can help create completely different or new fighting strategies.

maybe there could be a compromise to be struck; fighters are keen on the idea of large combos. Killer Instinct introduced this concept of "combo breakers" that could interrupt the big combos. Maybe the time distortion could be something like that, except not so much a pure combo breaker, but maybe for every one move that opponent A can do, opponent B can do two or something, and that can continue for a period of time, so opponent A has the opportunity to block some of the moves but not all of them.

But that still doesn't use the concept of time distortion as it relates to a physical space.

i need to think about it more.

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Oct. 1st, 2010 06:08 am (UTC)
Technically, it's hard for a number of reasons, but I'll ignore that for now.

From a pure design position, maybe you want something like setting fixed-location temporal distortion traps. They last some amount of time, maybe have to be set at your current location, maybe can be added somewhere else, maybe can be destroyed, etc. These are all knobs that can be tweaked, with that general approach.

As for something kind of like it, check out Nu/Lambda's gravity well in the BlazBlue series. It only slows horizontal movement speeds, but it's something in that direction.

Honestly, your last couple fighting-game-related posts have made it very clear you haven't played BlazBlue. It's quite likely that's because you don't have a system it's available on, though. But it definitely has a large amount of taking gameplay in a bunch of different directions.
Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
never even heard of blazblue. the last game system i ever bought was the generation of ps2/gamecube. the ps2 is the only thing i still have in my possession.
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