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I'm Here (2010)

[link]. it's a short spike jonez film (30 minutes) that you can watch online.

it has a degree of cleverness and it's got some great sentimental moments, but in the end i think it falls flat. it's not really a love story between two robots, it's more a story about one robot's love for the other, which sounds subtle but is a staggeringly important difference, particularly with the way that the film decides to resolve. it's hard to talk about it without getting into spoilers, but suffice it to say that in a real non-robot relationship, the kind of imbalance portrayed in the film (it's not exactly a conflict) would cause the relationship to fall apart in the long run unless both characters "grew up" in a sense. If the resolution of this film gave the implication that that "grow up" moment was going to happen after the film's end then i'd feel better about it, but that sense just isn't there. resultingly i'm left with questions that have no real answer, because the only conclusion that *can* be drawn is that the relationship after the film's end would fall apart which is in clear contradiction to the film's sentiment, which therefore makes it unsuccessful.

that said, it was worth watching because of the unique angle it tries to take on a "love story", even if it's not really a love story. again, some of the moments are pretty great, and the first 15 minutes overall are pretty great. it's just unfortunate that it chooses to go the direction that it does with the base premise.

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