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the ending of Laser Cruster H14 can kiss my ass. I can stay above 80% for almost the entire rest of the chart except for two measures towards the end at tempo. I can do those two measures at play -3 most of the time too. so i'm close. Sort of. :p


i think i discovered last night that i know mostly what i need to do in a short stack tourney situation in hold 'em but not in PLO8, as in, whether or not under the gun with 9 players at the next "cash level" whether or not KK9x with one suited King is something to push on. it's really the under the gun aspect that i wonder about. Late position with limpers or folders, easy.


i'm contemplating giving my resonate site a makeover. not a major one, but enough of a tweak to make it more professional. This is motivated mainly by the timpani piece. I'm very proud of what i've done with this piece of music, and i think it's a good springboard for future compositions and professional development in general, so i want my official site to have a more professional presence to it, particularly if i'm going to try to sell it to a publisher. Probably the most complicated aspect of that is that i want to move my wp blog off of the front page to a separate blog page, which will require some remapping of both the site and the WP plugin that i just installed to integrate my blog more seamlessly with FB. I really want a UAT environment for it, but that's actually a very silly thing to want.


i've vaguely contemplated the idea of giving this LJ a makeover too since it hasn't changed in the entire 8+ years since i first messed with it other than the addition of the tag cloud. I don't know if that's really necessary; i'm a minimalist when it comes to blog design and web design in general, the content here is what's most important, i don't need it to have a lot of ajax or whatever functionality that is prevalent on websites these days that i'm sure LJ provides with some of its newer styles. That, and it would probably take too much work for too little return, particularly given LJ's decline of popularity over facebook.


i think there was something else. i don't remember what it was. them's the breaks.


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Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:54 pm (UTC)
your blog is perfect as it stands
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