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more random.

plan i think is to clean for about 1.5 hours, maybe longer, including some ironing since all of my clothes are wrinkled from lack of folding. That's what i get for being lazy. Maybe i'll even put up some curtains. Probably not though.

Then i'm going to upload the vids from this past weekend for the TUMB and post them up. After that, i'm going to try to arrange Psycho Killer for the marching band as a halloween tune to play this weekend. It shouldn't take me too long to do since we only want a minute long version to tag on to the end of our show for the weekend.


this is the second time out of three tries that i've won the $24+$2 HORSE qualifier tourney (top x places get a buy in to the $750k guarantee HORSE later in the evening). Last time there were enough people for maybe 6 tickets and i was fifth. This time there were enough for four, and i got third. last time i actually tried the big tourney, got railed with a mid stack in stud hi/lo when i bricked 4 to a low and a gutshot straight draw &c. Today i decided i'm not going to play since i have too much other crap to do.

The best hand was when i was medium/short stacked in Stud Hi with rolled up 3s and i was the bring-in. I limp, someone else showing a 7 completes, i raise, he caps, i call. Next street gives him a pair of 7s. He bets, i push, he calls. He has pocket KK down. i'm watching his streets and he ends up catching spade spade x spade on 7th to give him an oddball flush. I was watching up to 6th street on my board and still only had trips, so when he hit his flush on 7th, i was all "fuck!" until i saw the chips go my way because i hit a weak boat on the end. From there i was able to coast for the most part. it was nice.


The timpani piece is even closer to completion than before. I sketched out some stuff for the B section of the second movement, but i don't know where i put the paper. I remember what i did, but then when i ran it in my head i discovered that i don't think it's actually going to work because it's too similar to the A material so it functions more as an A' which is okay but isn't really what i want. I may spend some time to try to come up with some alternate ideas tonight. maybe when i shower. i've written some good shit while i'm in the shower.


through various research i discovered that there used to be an arcade in new orleans that housed a DDR community, but that arcade shut down almost around the same time that i moved here. Now that boomtown shut their arcade down, the only arrowstomp games that exist around here are old PIU machines.

it makes me want to buy a machine, but i don't think it's a good investment, especially since i'm still struggling to find a way to ship my pinball machine here for under $1000 and i haven't had a lot of success with any of the companies i've gotten quotes from. it could be worthwhile to get a hard pad, but only if i dedicate myself to playing enough to warrant it. I want to get back into shape and all, but i also have a lot of other crap going on, so i don't know how much use it would actually have.

problematic. We'll see what happens, though.


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Oct. 24th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
gh my dear irrepressible one

sux that there's only 24 hours in da day amirite?

i don't even have anything to do for a few days and there's still not enough hours

cuz i'll be writing this shit that probably won't sell
Oct. 24th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
oh and i lost the first draft of concerto

no biggie

just write it again

it'll be better, truss ma
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