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contrary iidx mod concept

there's a history of iidx J-controller modding that involves shaving the edges of the keys so that they stick less.

i've always found that to be a strange answer, and now that i'm starting to play iidx again and realanalysing the sticking issue, it still seems counterintuitive. The problem with sticking isn't because the keys are too large. The problem with the sticking is that the keys when pressed don't move parallel to the key casing, and after some wear and tear, the key pressing down on an angle catches improperly on to the casing. Shaving the key edges seems like a hack bandaid answer because while it may make the key less likely to catch because there's less area, it makes the key even less prone to travel up and down a straight path.

i feel like the answer is more that the key needs to be stiffened and made more rigid so that it's travel path is invariable. Any residual sticking issue can be dealt with by using some sort of agent that reduces friction between the key material and the casing material.

Now that i think about it, the answer is really that the key, the casing that holds it, and the point of contact that activates the key should all be one mechanism instead of three separate elements. At the very least, you could get rid of the casing that comes up to the top of the button if you can rigidify the bottom part, which is sort of what the cardboard mod does but less elegantly. Maybe i'll experiment a little bit with it before i decide to give up and buy some DJDAO controllers.

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Nov. 3rd, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Holler if you find a suitable mod. I broke out IIDX a few weeks back and my controller was AWFUL.
Nov. 3rd, 2010 05:28 am (UTC)
we'll see. i may just buy real buttons and mod the controller that way, but it depends. it's not a huge priority right now since my energy has shifted to my website, but i'm sure i'll bring it back when scott's new iidx discs appear in the mail. :)
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