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darknote dot org makeover

over the past week or so i've given my webspace a complete makeover and philosophical change. darkblog resonate has converted from being the main focus of the site to just an aspect of the bigger picture. The main site content now follows the more typical personal professional promotional website model.

The main motivation for this was really driven by my timpani piece. I think that the piece is a strong piece of music and a unique piece of timpani literature, and it has a lot of promotional weight to it given that it was commissioned by the assistant principal timpanist of a professional orchestra. On top of that, i have a lot of connections with percussion departments across the nation that would likely be enthusiastic about playing the piece once i start to promote it, and i think it has potential to be sold with a publisher.

All of that means that i need a more personal customizable professional space to help promote my career as an artist and educator, and it's important for me to plant those seeds now as my career continues to develop so that it doesn't turn into an afterthought.

I'll be tweaking content and presentation over the next month or so. If you get the opportunity, please take a look and let me know if anything is broken or if you have any thoughts or criticisms about the look and feel.

thanks. hope everyone in LJ land is doing well. :)


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