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random happenings

last tuesday after the ping pong tourney i was doing some website sctuff and i think the way i was sitting ended up fucking up my back in a huge way. it's been hurting like crazy ever since, particularly when i get up after lying down or sitting down. Michael W. thinks based on more specific symptoms that i have a herniated disc. have a doctor's appt. to try to sort it all out.


3 out of 5 for placing in the HORSE qualifier. My loss last week was because i wasn't really concentrating on it since i got an important phone call in the middle. I almost went out on this one when i lost a huge hand 1010 vs 99 and he hit a 9 on the turn, but the hand after there was QQ vs. KK all in, and the person that lost was the bubble.

FT has started offering draw games, so i've started playing badugi and 10-game 6 handed. I've discovered that people at cheap stakes are generally pretty mediocre at badugi, so i think i enjoy an edge at 1/2 or cheaper. Some of the people i've played on 2/4 are bad too, but some of them are decent. 10-game is the first time i've ever played NL 2-7 single draw. that's a fascinating game that i don't know enough about, mainly folding equity. i can value bet/call/raise no issues, but i'm not sure how to bluff yet. i do a better job bluffing in badugi and FL 2-7 triple draw. which is weird if you think about it.


i bought some grey goose today because i wanted to have some alcohol at the house for my next home game that happens in a week. WHen i asked for the big bottle, the cashier instead gave me a package that had a bottle of the same size plus a cocktail shaker because it was the same price. i guess it's time to learn how to make a good martini.


i have to plan out the week a bit more deliberately than i have in the past. lots of random stuff happening that i need to make sure i don't fall behind on. i also need to start thinking about if i want to take a spring trip. there's a part of me that feels like i can't afford it, but since Mark and I aren't going to WGI this year and since i'm going to get paid some money for doing another wedding in the spring, i may take a trip anyway.

of course, part of that depends on other factors that are too early to figure out right now.

i'm feeling pretty unfocused. this entry is proof of that. might be time for a nap. Then i can wake up pretty late-like and get some shit done that i need to do but am not in the space to do right now.

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Nov. 11th, 2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
one of the greatest things about the holiday season is gift packs at the liquor store! I think that's how I got my cocktail shaker too, and my nice flask!
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