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yesterday was the last home game of the football season, and my third season with tulane.

it's a little surreal. some time even during year two i had commented on how much it seemed like my life in oregon was a part of my past, and now it seems even more distant even though it represented a good portion of my independent life. but then again, by the time i was in year three of my job at Symantec, it also seemed like a pretty far distance away from my life as a composer, so maybe i just miscalculate in my mind how long years actually feel like.

the football team unfortunately had a pretty poor performance. the very first play of the game UCF ran the kickoff for a touchdown, and the very last play of the game, UCF ran an interception return about 97 yards for a touchdown. Most of the game inbetween wasn't much better. We trailed something like 30-0 after the first quarter, and we lost 68-14 overall.

The band on the other hand, did a pretty great job overall both in their field performances and in the stands. It was difficult for even the most enthusiastic of our band to be rah-rah for the team as they were getting trampled over, but they did a decent job of it, and any lack of enthusiasm wasn't noticeable from the rest of the crowd since we're so far away from everyone.

overall, very proud of the kids, and very proud of what we've accomplished as a staff. certainly not perfect, there are always things to improve on, but i feel good about how we've all evolved and developed as an organization and continue to try to push our own envelopes, our own comfort zone. hopefully next year will be even better. i'm pretty sure it will be.

poker has been going pretty well for me too. both cardrunners and pokertracker are helping me a great deal, clarifying and refining my own play and helping me get a feel for the players i pit myself against. I've made some seemingly subtle but huge adjustments to my play in PLO8 which has improved my cash game. Sit N' Gos i'm doing worse in because i don't quite have the timing down for when i need to switch play styles or where my equity is all of the time, but there a couple of videos on cardrunners that i'm going to study and i'm also going to delve into my hand histories in PT3 that gives me my equity percentages to help me understand how to influence my decisions for the future.

last night i played live at harrah's for the first time in a few weeks, and i feel like i did great. there were two hours where i was just card dead, but i didn't allow that to make me impatient. I was fairly tight and that built up my image so that i could make some key bluffs, but more importantly it made it so that a couple of people thought they could bluff me off of my hands with strong bets that to me felt like i had to be ahead based on the board texture and their action on previous streets. between this session and the last session i had in october, i pretty much made up completely for the bad run i had last summer.

one thing that was interesting about my play last night was that i felt like i was getting a little mixed up with my play tendencies of hold 'em vs. omaha as it relates to aggression. in HE, even though my pf range is smaller than most, i tend to play that range fairly aggressively trying to take advantage of fold equity because of my tight image. I Cbet almost 100% of the time and given the right circumstances i'll fire a turn Cbet even though i completely missed the flop, and usually i'll be given credit and take the pot down. I didn't do the check-raise bluff move last night at all because it's been a while and it's still too new to me - there was one board where there was potential for me to do it on the flop, but i chickened out which was fine because the circumstances were iffy whether or not it would have actually gotten everyone to fold given the board texture and the players involved. That's tangental though. Point is, in my head while i was doing my Cbets or considering a check-raise bluff, i gave myself mixed signals because of how my approach to that in PLO8 has adjusted because of how much less equity those moves have. it's weird how backwards it is from how i used to be, which is a product of playing PLO live in Oregon at Full House, and maybe shows too how different PLO is from PLO8 in terms of aggression; the mentality i used to hold was to bet aggressively on my draws in PLO even if it was a weak one (open ended straight) but be passive on my draws in NLHE even if it was a strong one (open ended straight?... :) ). somebody a couple years ago - it might have been jeff - commented in passing about how backwards that was, that even though PLO and PLO/8 can be aggressive draw games that it's better to be more aggressive in HE than OH, and i'm starting to see that picture, that aggression in OH has more to do with value and putting more money in the pot rather than increasing fold equity (with exceptions that aren't important to this post) so that i'm spending less time taking down lots of small cheap pots and getting caught red-handed on big pots when my aggression fails to hit and more time exercising pot control in such a way that if my card hits than i can felt someone.

of course there's principles of that in hold 'em as well, which goes to the idea that you should only bluff with hands that you would just barely call with or be super aggressive with hands that don't make the nuts rather than make the nuts if you feel that people will still be willing to put their chips in if you do hit your monster. it's not a straightforward answer either way obviously, which is another reason why poker is pretty fantastic, and something i'm continually improving on, hopefully so i can feel more confident that that i'm not a hack at it since right now i still feel after all of this time and knowledge that i am an utter hack at it.

okay. time to get some shit done today. going to be a busy sunday. saints gig with green wave brass, thanksgiving dinner at mark's house, need to play some cards online, then i'm going to do some database stuff, then i'm going to write some music. nap might go in there since i didn't sleep a whole lot last night. regardless, it will be a productive sunday, and that's fantastic.


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