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you've reached the wrong number.

so out of the blue today i received a text message from a 541 number. i didn't recognize the number and it wasn't in my contacts, but when i transferred to my new phone after rafting messed up my old one there were numbers that i didn't pull over. this person kinda seemed to know who i was or at the very least was being very familial/casual with me, so i figured it was a girl i knew named Tara, the granddaughter of my old landlady who i was somewhat friends with when i lived in my last apartment in oregon and texted me every now and again to see how i was doing.

i got home and discovered that it *wasn't* her, and i got very confused because no one else i knew had that sort of text style. i then asked her, "who is this?" and she said, "monica. you gave me your number on myspace." i texted back and told her that i think she was texting the wrong number, that i don't have a myspace account. she said, "my bad, the guy must have given me the wrong number. do you want to talk anyway?"

so suddenly i was having a text conversation with this random girl with a 541 number. she's a 21 year old female originally from houston but currently living in springfield. she works at some sort of secondhand store whilst going to school at the same time. she's celebrating her four month anniversary with her boyfriend over the weekend. their plan is to stay in, make food, watch movies. she misses houston and wants to move back there eventually, and she's a little wow'ed by the fact that i live in new orleans because she's always wanted to visit here.

it was incredibly bizarre. i've never ever met someone via text message before, probably because in most cases when there's a wrong number involved, people just say 'sorry' and that's that. i was cautious about it at first, but after a while i relaxed because the conversation continued to be just a normal conversation, like seat partners on a bus or a plane. it was neat that she was still willing to have a texting conversation with me and vice versa even though we don't know a lick about each other.

i told her to feel free to text me any time. i doubt that she ever will, but that's okay. it's another one of those passing encounters that feels good to have happened just because it happened, and reminds me how cool life is.

odd though. wonder who she was originally trying to text and why.

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Nov. 24th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
odd though. wonder who she was originally trying to text and why.

I was wondering that too. I was surprised when you said she had a bf, because it sounded like she was meeting a guy online or something. Don't know too many people that use the internet to reach out for friends. At least in that style.
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