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holiday poker marathon

thanksgiving was pretty much about playing poker, both online and at the casino. online i just played enough to keep my quota so that i could earn a gold iron man status. live i played a lot because i could, and to prep for the Bayou Classic next week.

live sessions averaged eight hours, although one session was about five and my last session was eleven. that one was a struggle to recover from a big loss due to being outdrawn/outflopped three times. i did end up recovering and then some, which was the second time out of the four that i almost decided to call it quits and then hit huge hands quickly to surge me back into profit.

i made a few mistakes, but overall i think i played pretty well. I got some very good reads on people on key hands, able to get all my chips in when i determined that someone didn't have a flush, folded a hand i would have otherwise c-bet bluffed the turn because i got a good read on the guy (he glanced at my stack for a brief moment as i was looking him in the face), and i got someone to fold AA after a turn reshove (i had flopped a full house) because he respected my play and he would have hit an A on the river.

i played more hours this year than last year, but the time was worth it since my per hour take was significantly higher. it felt pretty good, not the fact that i made a good amount of money, but the fact that i feel like i'm a better poker player than last year. i still have a lot to learn, but i *am* learning, am improving my game, and hopefully that will keep happening. it'd be nice if i could place in at least one of the tourneys i'm planning on playing over the next week, but if not then that's okay. i'm really looking forward to the mixed game tourney.

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