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so i got myself a telly over the holiday weekend.

i had intentions of buying a telly for a few months now and did some initial research, but i figured that this weekend would be a good time to do it. i didn't do it on black friday because on principle i can't really get into that whole hype.

originally i had gone into the store to buy either the dynex 32 or the sony bravia 32. as it happened, mandy (varpulis) had just bought a telly, an insignia 32 which hadn't been on my radar but it ended up being what i bought. it could have been just poor settings, but i didn't like the way the picture looked on the others compared to the insignia, and for $40 extra it felt like it was better value to get the 1080p vs. the 720p even though it probably wouldn't make much difference to the likes of me.

i've hooked up my telly Mac to it and i've watched some random .avis that i have on it, both movies and shows. the picture is pretty great for even that sort of thing. sound is only okay, but it seems like sound on all flatscreens suffer from sound quality issues from what i've read. it gets the job done, but i'm putting some thought into getting some sort of home theater system long term. nothing fancy, i just want something that can balance out the bass and treble more precisely and consistently across all dBs.

i played iidx on it and i did absolutely horribly even after i changed the offset to match the Just window pretty well. It's a product of the widescreen aspect of the telly and the largeness of it which puts me relatively closer to the screen. Everything looks more spread out left to right, but i have less screen top to bottom to see notes. I think this is more accurate to how the arcade experience is since it's also widescreen and you can't sit 6-10 feet away, but it messed with me, made me fail 8s and 9s that i otherwise pass with no problems.

i can't really tell whether or not the telly is ideal for playing iidx or not, as in whether or not there's other tellys with better specs that would make the game look smoother. it doesn't really matter as i imagine that i'll adjust if i decide to play seriously again. if i can get good enough to start passing 10s and 11s again on a small mono-sound 10" telly, i'm sure i can do the same thing for this.

an interesting byproduct of me having the telly is that it makes me want to use it more often than i normally use a telly for anything, like, say, actually watching TV. i probably won't actually do that since it would involve buying an antenna or cable service. i have no interest in adding another monthly fee to my living expenses, but that'd be the only way that i'd get telly that i actually want to watch aside from football which is moot because the season is almost over.

which almost makes the purchase silly, really, but the original reason i wanted it in the first place was as a computer monitor replacement for my telly computer and that works out pretty great. given that i don't actually buy a lot of things, i can live with the fact that the purchase is silly.

next things on the list to buy are, oddly enough, a folding table that's at least 63 inches wide and a set of tumblers. i tried to buy that stuff on the same sunday i bought the telly, but target failed at having what i wanted out of both table and tumblers, so i'll probably try again later this week or see if i can find the equivalent at EvilMart.

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Nov. 30th, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
If you don't want to spend a lot of money I always see deals on home theaters in a box set ups.

To get a nice home theater set up you will have to spend around 800-1000 dollars.
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