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this album blows me away. it's one of the best albums i've acquired in the last decade.

the history goes something like this. I'm subscribed to the WarpRecords youtube channel, and PVT's first single off of this album ("Window") was fairly catchy and had what i felt was a very successful blend of live rock band sound fused with electronic manipulation. Additionally, the drummer's role in the track was one of providing pulse without using a typical sort of beat. Not complex, just tasty, enhancing the experience of the song with a different sort of feel.

then they released their second single, "Light Up Bright Fires", which is a pretty amazing track. Again the drummer establishes a pattern/groove, but the groove is one that has personality; it's not difficult to understand and move to, but it's also unique enough that if you heard it out of context you could only associate it with this song. And then the live instruments with live audio manipulation achieves a successful balance and further establishes the band's signature sound.

So i found their website, found them on facebook, joined their fan club (i refuse to use the word "like" in this concept even though i had to hit the "like" button), started to listen to more of their stuff. At some point they released a series of videos of live video recording sessions of some of CwNM tracks, and watching them perform, seeing *how* they performed and how that contributed to the overall aural experience and its impact on me in a very emotional/primal sense convinced me that the album was worth a purchase.

i finally got around to buying the album yesterday, a $11 purchase off of bleep, my first purchase from bleep ever. And yeah, the album is pretty phenomenal. It could use some tempo variation to it (a lot of it is in the same BPM range), but that's forgiven given everything else that shines about the album's makeup. it's just an awesome and an inspiring creation, well conceived and produced, and it helps reinforce some of the musical concepts that i believe in when it comes to this sort of genre of music, and convinces me that it's worthwhile for me to continue down the path i am already with my electronic music experiments with Live and my MIDI controller, and that i can push the envelope with it more rather than feel like i need to establish something more familiar to be more "typically accesible".

That sort of creative momentum/force is something that is unfortunately a backburner thing right now given the static state of Martian Luther. I could try to do more stuff on my own, but it'd be nice to find two or even one other person to push and pull against to develop a Sound and to give me more discipline when it comes to time devotion.

not that i have a lot of spare time right now, really. I devote at least two hours a day to poker, i have a full time job that involves creative energy outside of the regular 8-5 context, i'm trying to finish up my timpani piece and market it for widespread publishing, i have to write a winter drumline show in the next month, prepare for mardi gras, and i still want to write a wind ensemble piece for next year.

but really - i do have a lot of spare time, particularly since i don't really watch tv or have family obligations or anything of that sort of nature. I suppose i could try to enforce a self-schedule like i've tried to in the past and been unsuccessful with. We'll see.


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