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regional season favoriting

for most of my life, fall has always been my favorite season. I like the smell of the air in the fall, i like the temperature, i like marching band season and in general the fresh start to an academic year, which for me has always been a more defined "new year" then the actual calendar year. and a part of me always preferred it over spring because a lot of people seemed to like spring and it set off my contrarian nature.

yesterday, mark and i did our first crawfish boil of the season, and thinking about how much i had been looking forward to doing boils again after some great boils in the past two years, thinking about its association with the Saints Super Bowl win, with Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest and other great nola music and food festivals, i realized that my favorite season changed. Spring in nola is unlike spring anywhere else that i've lived. it's a fantastic time of year and i love it.

and the fact that my attitude about it has changed, that my favorite season has shifted after a pretty constant love of fall for the past 25ish years in my life when i actually could define my favorite season, is fantastic. i never want to settle into a particular sort of mindset or routine just for the sake of consistency or nostalgia, nor ignore how regional traditions relating to seasons can shift both my intellectual and emotional associations and perceptions.

i'm already looking forward to the next boil that we have planned a month from now, and i'm pretty fired up now for mardi gras season despite the fact that i lost two drummers in an already small drumline situation. this spring is going to be pretty great.

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