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ddr dreamin'

i had an odd dream last night that i was walking around the Harrah's in New Orleans and came across and arcade that had a DDR machine.

it was DDR X, but it had a cabinet look like that of IIDX Red (or i suppose ITG2). There wasn't anyone playing on it although there was a bag there. The credits: on the screen read 5/8, and i thought, "$2 to play is expensive, but i'll put in the 75c to see what it's about."

at this point, the nature of the DDR machine shifted; song selection and the pad were set up like PIU rather than DDR and the screen that i was playing off of was more like jubeat in that i was looking down at the pads i was standing on and the arrows would zoom in from "afar" on the screen, starting in the center of the screen and then angling to the arrow area that i needed to step on. It ended up being incredibly confusing for me and i didn't do that well because i kept on hitting DDR arrow placement instead of PIU placement, and i also didn't recognize any of the songs.

i didn't remember the dream when i woke up, but suddenly it flooded back to me as i turned the hot water faucet on for my shower. i'm not sure if it means anything in particular, but it does make me realize that i haven't played an arrowstomp game for probably a year and a half now, and that's stupid. i'm going to start looking into home pads to hook up to stepmania.

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