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bio change

i'm changing my lj bio, so here's my old one just for archival purposes.


(ver. 2.5 - 09 Dec) (09/ jul / 07 Feb/ 06 Jun / 06 Apr / 06 Feb / 05 Dec / 05 Aug)

welcome to my humble universe


this blog, dubbed "darkblog oscillate", is where i reside the most. it's my life and short thoughts blog. my presence on the internet is predominantly in three other places:

[darknote.org], my personal professional webspace. This also houses my long thoughts blog dubbed [darkblog resonate].

facebook. my username is darknote. my real name is mendel lee.

my youtube channel, dubbed [darktube].


in all aspects of my life i try not to be anything more or less than Simply Me, and so far this has held me in very good stead. i don't try to categorize myself in any particular group because i find that it limits what sorts of people i teach, learn from, and interact with.

If the person that i am is someone you're interested in getting to know, you are most likely welcome. If you're not interested, that's okay too.


it's a common misbelief that "honesty" is synonymous with "truth" in the world of blogging. Resultingly i feel the need to clarify that while i try my best to make this LJ as honest as possible regarding what is transpiring in my life or the thoughts in my head (ignoring the idea that "honesty" is a relative concept partially determined by perception), it is not necessarily "the truth" of who, what, or how i am.

"Truth" is a falsehood in itself anyway, but a profile page isn't a place to discuss that.


- my entries these days are mostly public, with an occasional friends-lock post. the history of the various degrees of public my LJ has gone through since its inception is complex.
- incorporates links vs. [links]. links lead to LJ or my own webspace. [links] lead to outside pages and will have warnings for potentially offensive cookies if i notice them (read: not already automatically filtered).


- prolifacy. i write a lot and i take my LJ universe seriously.
- loyalty. i read or at least skim my friends page religiously and care deeply about every individual that graces my pages with their awesomeness.
- variety. a mixture of events and thoughts, serious and silly, intellectual and emotional, stability and fragility, smart and dumb.

predominant content matieral:

- music video games, from both a casual and professional musical and pedagogical perspective.
- poker as a passion.
- music from a composer and performer perspective.
- food as a passion from a tasting and creating perspective.
- alternate perceptions in general, challenging that which is sometimes habit or taken for granted.
- people. because without people, without my friends, i am nothing.
- life. my life is constantly changing, an aspect that i hope i'll never lose.


- darkcards - a place for my friends to informally discuss poker. fairly defunct.

- thegroove - a forum for ITG players. defunct after the konami lawsuit.

- klavahole - about the author Steven Brust - Super Genius.

- maxpatches - about the object-oriented programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter

allez cuisine!

-- EOF - old profile (05 Feb)


whoo hoo! this was entry 3000!

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welcome to the lifeofmendel

you can also find me here:

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March 2017