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lent 2011

in 2011, i did the three Cs of composition, cleaning, and camera.

two of these i'm going to do again, but i'm switching the letter to P just to switch it up.

photos: 40 photos for 40 days just like last year. I think it'll be tougher this time around because there's only a couple of picture concepts that i want to repeat. i may cheat a little and take a series of pictures over on the st. charles side and use them for different days. that feels like cheating, but i might need to be practical about it given my busy schedule in the next couple of months.

projects: similar to composition, just more flexible. aside from the music projects that are going on, i'm going to try to spend some time getting familiar with Pyware since i'm getting contracted to write Kim's full music and visual show next year. I understand the basics of it, i just need to get in the thick of it so that when i actually start to use it i'm not learning as i go. If i'm pretty close to finished what i need to do with polyomi, if amanda hasn't written me the prose that i'm going to use for my choir piece, that'll be a good thing to do.

poker: in the months of october through january i played poker either live or online on average about 3 hours a day for at least 25 days out of the month. that dropped off in january and february, but it'll be good to pick up that habit again since carnival season will be over and things will be a lot less hectic. Chances are i'll be focusing mainly on om8/b because that's currently my best game, but i need to play mixed game tourneys since i'm planning on playing the live mixed game tourney at harrah's in may.

oh, and i originally had this idea of writing a 40 day facebook status. I think i'm going to do that this year. Mainly because i'm still thinking about adjusting my facebook/twitter philosophy and this will give me a good two months to think about it more, and i can devote my facebook status to the 40 day lent project. i could make it up as i go and see where it takes me, but i think this year it'll be better to not improv it, to have it mapped out.

i can't believe i'm in year three of new orleans. life is pretty crazy. awesome too.

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