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ten-day meme: day nine (two images)

sorry i've fallen behind on this. it was a crazy busy weekend. carnival season whoo hoo!

One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life or yourself right now.
Day Ten: One confession


i crafted this icon years ago and i composed it to represent me on a lot of different levels. It will always represent me for the rest of my life.

the surface of it is straightforward enough. music is my career, my passion, my being. beyond that, there are a few other elements.

1. The 16th note is a vague representation of me. it's unique in that picture, but it's not unrecognizable, and it has context when coupled with the other traditional musical symbols. The treble clef gives the note relative context, the accent gives it character. i see myself as a fairly unique personality. there are choices i make and habits i have that set me apart from the norm. At the same time, i don't feel that those parts of me alienate me from anyone or make anyone point and stare at me from the other side of of the street. Regarding the treble clef/accent, i am nothing without those around me to give me context. in the same way that the treble clef gives note definition to the 16th and the accent gives it character, my life is defined by and characterized by those who i love and who love me.

2. if you take out all of the falling accents and just keep the one that's over the note, you get an icon that has all traditional notational elements. The falling accents adds a level of abstractness and chaos to what it is that people expect out of musical notation but using an element that's still related and establishes that expectation before breaking it ever so slightly. This is my fundamental compositional principle, and to a degree my life principle, established by the excellent book by Leonard Meyer about music and expectation. The basic concept is that once an expectation is established, there needs to be a balance between when you fulfill that expectation versus break that expectation for a piece of music to be successful or for life to be successful. The whole concept of deceptive cadences exists because of that understanding, and it has much more depth than that if you start to talk about how breaking expectation in the same way enough times establishes a new expectation that you can then break or fulfill at a new level than the original one.

3. the gradient represents for me a life concept that nothing is absolute, that the world is full of grey and incomplete answers and sometimes no good answers. That grey and uncertainty is present everywhere: in me, in those around me, in the world that we live in.


the past two or so years of my life has been a big roller coaster in the sense that it's had its ups and downs, but overall it's been incredibly thrilling and i've been enjoying it to the fullest. despite some of the issues, i have a great job and i live in a great city, and i've put myself into a place in the past year where i'm ready to push my boundaries and limits in a way that i used to but stopped doing for a while. i have my hand dipped in about four or five projects right now and it's a little overwhelming st times, but i still love it, and i'm already enthusiastic about the next two projects that i'm going to start up as soon as i have the spare time to start them.

so this picture represents that for me. life is a thrill, it's hectic and crazy, it has its ups and downs, but it's exciting and exhilirating, it always makes me smile and laugh for no reason other than just being alive. This particular picture also has great personality to it and a dash of the unexpected, which resonates very with me, the idea of a bunch of monks who would otherwise be leading a zen, peaceful, calm sort of lifestyle but still understanding how to cut loose and not let that hamper their ability to have fun or find joy in simple things.


the plan is: switch out the laundry, do some technology maintenance. grab lunch, which will probably be a medium sized salad with yummy leafy greens, finish laundry, do tail end of technology upkeep, then find a costume shop so i can have something to wear for the apocolypse ball tomorrow. then i need to practice The Yellow Pages for a little bit, maybe nap, then i have rehearsal in the evening. after that, i may try to do some column c for polyomi, but we'll see how tired i am.

it's a good day already. will only get better.

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