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weekend festivities

stuff needs to be written about thwe weekend because it was pretty action packed. it's not quite over yet since it's lundi gras, but if i wait until after mardi gras to write about some of this i'll forget everything that happened.

Friday night was Krewe of Hermes, and aside from the Saints Victory Parade it was probably one of the most fun that i feel we had since i moved here. It was an uptown route that started on Tchoup and Napoleon, and unlike the previous two years there were only minimal stop times due to floats breaking down or other issues. i think we stopped a total of two or three times the whole time which is incredibly surprising, and resultingly the parade only took about 2.5 hours to complete.

the parade itself was very lively and also had a lot more tulane fans than LSU fans. the crowd was pretty into us and the band was pretty energized by that and kept their enthusiasm strong throughout the entire parade. The drumline did a decent job, although Drew overhyped at times and thus distorted a bunch of easy 16th notes. Overall they did a great job though, and everyone came out of it pretty happy.


after i got back from the parade and got dinner with mark, amber arrived in town. her flight got in much later than scheduled and then there was a snafu with the cab driver, but she made it to my place in one piece, we went out to cooter browns to grab drinks and it was awesome since i'd seen her maybe a total of twice in the past five or six years. we chatted at the bar until roughly 3am before heading home and sleeping.

Endymion ended up being postponed due to weather which was the big parade that i had planned to find a spot to watch and show Amber, so we ended up getting up earlier and going to Krewe of Tucks and Krewe of Iris instead. That probably ended up being a better sort of deal - Tucks was pushed back to a 10am roll time instead of noon and i think because those parades are less popular and because it was earlier in the morning, those parades weren't crowded at all, and i have to say that Tucks was pretty fun. Since there wasn't a ton of people, Amber and i ended up catching a lot of beads and other neat throws, more stuff that i've gotten in a single parade since my time here.

We hit that for about two or so hours and decided to jet because it started to rain and we didn't want to get caught in it if it got worse. it ended up being a good call because it started to come down pretty hard, enough to flood my street somewhat. We ran to and fro the supermarket in heavy rain and got completely drenched.

Mark's crawfish boil was soon after that. He got 40lbs of crawfish for the deal which was done in four batches, so there was a pretty constant stream of food and drink over a period of 4-5 hours. There were roughly 20 people that ended up showing up to the boil, the typical mark/amanda crowd mixed in with Amber and some visitors from Baltimore that were friends of Dan Halle. all of the crawfish and its accessories got eaten and all of the beers got drank, which was incredibly impressive given the amount of food and beer that was present.


After that, amber and i napped for about two hours because we were dead tired, and then we got up and decided to brave the quarter. Bourbon street was absolutely packed, and the scene was pretty interesting. New Orleans gets a certain kind of reputation and impression from the outside world that is overexaggerated a lot of the time, but Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras lives up to the reputation that it's earned. I'm sure that if i was paying more attention i would have seen some titties (although what was interesting was that there were men on the street shouting at women in the balconies to show their titties which to me is completely backwards), but i was spent most of my energies making sure that i kept track of amber and not getting separated.

After a while we diverted to Royal Street just so we could get to where we wanted to go more quickly and ended up at LaFittes listening to the local piano player who was hamming up the crowd and getting tipped pretty well for it. We rolled out of there around 22:30 and decided to head over to frenchman to see what was happening there.

After looking around at the bars to see who was playing where, we had a brief late-dinner interlude where i had some meat-stuffed grape leaves, salad, and hummus. When that was done, i decided that it would be good to see George Porter Jr at the DBA, and that was a good choice. It was crowded but not overly so, and halfway through we were able to actually find free seats at the bar to listen to the second half of the set. George Porter's sound and band was pretty amazing.

during the first part of the set, there was almost some altercation between some random guy who accidentally spilled some of his beer on another guy who got really pissed off that he got stuff spilled on him at all, accidental or not. The drink-spiller tried to apologize and keep the situation civil, and the other guy started getting all in his face for no real reason other than to show his dick size. The situation ended up fizzling when the initial guy offered money to pay for the dry-cleaning or something, and either the other guy realized he was being a dick or he realized that he won the confrontation thus asserting his dick size, so he backed his stance down, didn't take any money, shook the guy's hand and said it was all cool.

i mention this because after it happened, amber and i glanced at each other as a "wtf is up with this guy?" sort of thing, and about a half hour later when we got seats at the bar it happened to be next to the asshole guy who then tried to chat us up. His opening line was when Amber asked of the two empty seats, "is there anyone sitting here?" and he took one of the seats and said, "yeah, i am." and paused for just a little too long before saying, "i'm kidding!" and giving us the seats. That started a bantering conversation between amber and him where she tried to tell him that he wasn't being a gentleman, and he was protesting that he was absolutely a gentleman. It was all in good fun, but there was still this aura about him of "i am alpha male hear me roar" that made both amber and me giggle a whole lot.

we rolled out of there around 2:30am and then absolutely failed to get a taxi. like, failed for an hour to get a taxi because everyone was getting taxis all at the same time, both where i initially tried on frenchman, then where i usually get cabs on canal. So we ended up walking to my car which was parked a good 2ish miles from Harrah's, got home around 4:30am, and then crashed.

it was one of the longest jam-packed saturdays i've ever had. and it was pretty ludicrously awesome.


i drove amber to the airport about five hours later, got home and crashed until close to call time for Bacchus. Hermes was a pretty fun parade for all of the kids, and i think that that spark led to a decent experience with Bacchus even though the energy wasn't quite the same. There were more LSU fans yelling out "tiger bait" and people being more obnoxious in general. But the kids still dug it and i still dug it - Bacchus had the most people of a Mardi Gras parade i've ever been a part of, mainly because Endymion was rescheduled to roll after Bacchus and Endymion is a very popular parade.

The tail end of the Bacchus parade ran through the Convention Center, and that was a very interesting crowd. It was a tux and gown required sort of affair, and it had a strange air about it from my perspective, that sort of 'southern privilege' rich-white-money air to it that was pretty fascinating but also left a funny taste in my mouth.


we got out of Bacchus and home from unloading around midnight. Mark and i got dinner at a very packed Cooter Browns and then i came home and crashed. I ended up waking up around 9am and couldn't fall back asleep. I'm still pretty tired, so i may try to catch another nap before the early evening when i think i'm going to go with Mark and Amanda's mom down to Orpheus before then going to the airport to pick up my other old-DDR visitor, billyjr.

Mardi Gras. Nothing like it.


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Mar. 7th, 2011 09:31 pm (UTC)
wow, that sounds awesome!
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