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i won a big pot in this hand, and i think i played it wrong. i should have been able to win more.

a fairly LAGgy guy raises pf to $10. I'm in the cutoff with 99. three, maybe four callers.

flop comes 944. checks to laggy guy, he bets $20. I call, bunch of folds, then a guy who i've played before and is fairly loose passive but also sometimes the quirky all-in type decides to call. Three way pot.

turn is a 6. no real flush draw. First guy checks. LAGger also checks. Based on how he's played, i'm fairly certain i can induce a bet on the river if i check also and get his stack in.

river comes Ace. no flush draw out there. First person decides to do a quirky all-in for a remaining $70. The LAGgy guy thinks about it briefly, then decides to call.

at this point i'm positive i have the best hand. I put the first guy on A rag, and the LAGgy guy on AK down to AJ. But now i'm in a weird spot. By not merely calling but raising on top of the first all-in and then a call, i'm representing a 4 or a boat, so raising too much won't induce a call from the guy who still has $250ish behind.

So i think about it for a long time and then decide to raise to $150. LAGgy guy looks at me for a while and then declares, "the sick thing is that i have a 4 and i think you have pocket 9s." He then muttered something about the issue really being if he should merely call or if he should shove. He eventually decided to just call, which was a great read, but also not a hard one to make based on the unfortunate circumstances given to me, my raise representing huge strength.

But the annoying thing is that I didn't put him on a 4. If i had known that he had a 4, i would have raised more on top of the $70 all-in. I guess i was thinking that if he had that strong of a hand, he would have raised instead of just called, but that's stupid because if his hand is that strong, he doesn't want to raise and push me out of the pot if i caught *my* ace, he wants me to call, and if i had AK i would have folded to a reraise at that point since i wouldn't put him on buying the pot.

my excuse is that i was pretty tired and made a careless judgement call. He was a loose preflopper and aggressive bettor, but the fact that he called the all-in should have clued me that he felt pretty strongly about his hand since the other guy had just sat down and LAGgy guy didn't know what he was all about, that he probably *would* have had value calling the guy with even AJ based on how quirky-all in guy plays. If i had applied more pressure on my raise at the end or maybe exercised better pot control by putting out a bet on the turn, i could have felted him and won closer to a $600 pot instead of just a $300 one.

*sigh* that's how it goes sometimes, i guess. I think i have to have more discipline than i have, or i just need to not play when i'm so tired. I didn't play it *badly*, but neither did i play it *well*.

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Mar. 14th, 2011 01:39 am (UTC)
by checking the turn the pot is now too small to get it in short of gonzo bizarro action on the end, which is unlikely since he checked turn
Mar. 15th, 2011 02:25 pm (UTC)
weird quirky all-in guy i've seen make that move a hundred times, that move didn't surprise me really.

really, i checked the turn because i wanted to induce a bluff bet on the river because i didn't put LAGgy guy on anything other than a bluffable hand since he was the one that raised PF and thought he only had equity on the river by catching an A (until i thought it through after the fact). Betting on the turn if they both were on air would have taken the pot down too early and with no extra money in the pot. The ace coming on the river was a great card for me because it put LAGgy guy on the squeeze.

i think it probably says more to LAGgy guy as a player - his PFR range was wide enough that i couldn't put him on a 4 (he raised with 34) or really on anything that hit that board, so that made me think his fold equity was high when it was in fact zero.
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