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Growing up, i played mostly on Yamaha pianos. My house had a yamaha upright, West Chester used a lot of yamahas i think, the Disklavier at UofO was a Yamaha. I'm used to those pianos.

Pianos at Tulane University are all Steinway and Sons, and talk about a completely different feel from Yamahas. I find it harder to play quieter on those and have to work my fingers a lot more to get a full sound out of individual notes.

A technique i always sucked at without a lot of practice and therefore suck at it now since it's been a while since i have practiced is the whole drop-wrist thing that's supposed to help with that. I think i'm doing too much work with my fingers and not letting the strength of the drop wrist technique help me. This would probably make playing the opening of The Yellow Pages a little easier.

It's kind of a shame that, i dunno, i don't get a chance to perform more. It makes me that much more glad that i put the effort to make this concert in April happen because i'm playing in or conducting in all of the pieces except one. it's a good sort of stress.

now i'm going to make a late dinner, do some mindless internet things, and then maybe do a little bit more work before sleeping. Tomorrow will be a concert poster day, a Finale day, and a poker night where i may try my hand at the 15/30 limit Omaha game, saturday will be a tulane gig in the morning, clean the apartment in the afternoon, work on some music in the evening, sunday will be tulane gig in the morning, then i don't know what after that. maybe the HORSE tourney on full tilt.

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Mar. 18th, 2011 08:27 am (UTC)
Ahh, the wrist drop. Oddly enough, I found it more of a precision thing -- get a singing yet still relatively quiet tone out of something, just enough to elevate it above the background to the point that it's in focus. I pull my wrist down and just let the finger follow kind of lazily behind.

...yeah, that doesn't sound very precise. But that's what I remember.
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