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more long term thoughts.

back as an undergrad i registered myself as an ascap artist and i also registered darknote productions as a publishing ascap entity.

when i was in the throes of Timpani Forces i revitalized my ascap account as a member because as that and any of my other compositions get performed, i get money and some vague publicity on the ascap site.

i think it might be time to make that administrative stuff more active than passive, which includes also revitalizing darknote productions as an ascap publisher and thus coming up with a new logo and overall brand. i bring this up because technically i've been publishing Hermiston's marching band shows under darknote productions and depending on the advice i get from Dave or other people about the best way to approach the publication of Forces, i might place that piece under darknote productions as well, which means it needs to have a stronger identity than it already has.

Problem with officially putting Hermiston's stuff under the company is that likely i don't want to try to get publishing or author royalties from ASCAP as i bet that technically i violate copyright with my arrangements since i'm not asking for permission from the original music copyright holders to use the work they own, even if the product is a derivative. we'll see. maybe i'll look into it over the summer.

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