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life moves faster

there's a lot of stuff i need to write about but i don't really have the time to write about it. in general i've fallen behind on some of my general "documentation". as in i still haven't compiled and uploaded all of the video footage i took of mardi gras stuff as a spectator, i really should write about the concert i put on this past sunday because i think it was an important personal landmark, and i need to update my other blog with a few almost-finished entries and put out the news about the fact that my timpani piece actually got performed and everything associated with that.

but yeah, i don't really have the time to write about it right now. well, i mean, i have time to write in some sense because right now all i'm doing is some video transfer of old TUMB stuff from 2006 and that doesn't take a lot of effort other than cueing. it's more that to formulate all of the stuff running around in my head the past couple of weeks would require a type of energy that i feel i'm not in right now that isn't going to happen until probably early may.

it will get written though. where my life is is too important and too fascinating to let just pass by.

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