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oh yeah.

one thing i should document immediately before i forget was a dream i had last night because it was interesting how i woke up from it.

i was out somewhere overnight and was driving back home at around 10am. while i had been out there were some instances in which i suffered from some degree of blurry vision which i didn't think was that unusual at the time, even though it was more than what i usually experience when i'm tired.

at some point, i got a call from my mom on my mobile. i tried to pick it up while i was driving, but it ended up falling around the pedals. i couldn't hear it well, but i could hear it enough to hear my mom asking me where i was with the car, and it was exactly then that i realized that i wasn't supposed to have *left* at 10, i was supposed to have the car back *by* 10, and in my head it was an "oh shit" moment.

i kind of remember trying to glance down to see if i could see where the phone went so i could pick it up and assure my mom that i was on my way home soon, i'm sorry, &c, but i couldn't really grab at the phone. more to the point, when i tried to look back at the road, i discovered that i couldn't see it, not because my vision was blurry or blinded or anything, but because for some reason my instincts kept on telling me that the actual "view" for the road was in a different place than i was trying to look, as in i was actually looking at the ground or at the ceiling or whatever despite the fact that i had just been looking there and the road had indeed been there. i kept on shifting my eyes around to try to find the road while my mom started ot sound more agitated on the phone, and i started to panic a little as bright colored lights started to creep into my vision, lights of red, blue and green in the form of little squares. slowly those flashing lights took over the primary part of my vision and with that came a texture that was like a television and then a wall, and pretty soon after that i woke up and realized that the flashing lights and other details were things i had in my room, and i think was in my line of vision as i was slowly waking up from the dream.

every now and again this happens, where things of my reality slowly creep into my dream in a way that is a gradual wake up. the dream fades away as real things start to take over, but they take over in the dream until i wake up and i'm looking at what i was dreaming about. it's usually not as active or as integrated into the dream as this one was, but occasionally it is. it was a very vivid image, the square LED lights on a diagonal that was taking over where the windshield would have been.

that's it. time for more dreams, i suppose.

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Apr. 15th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
Have you ever had one of those dreams that you're talking on the phone with someone? Then as you wake up you realize you were talking into your hand? And you feel bad for the dropped call once you're awake enough to realize you're talking to your hand, but not awake enough to realize the phone call wasn't real?
Apr. 15th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
no! at least not to my knowledge. that's an interesting one too. :)
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