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it involved me waking up at 6am after having gone to bed around 1am or 2am. i meant to get up around 7am to do some ironing/prep for wedding stuff later, but i ended up waking way before my alarm and couldn't really fall back asleep.

i decided i had plenty of time to do what i needed to do once i was done with the wheel of fortune side of things, so i decided at around 7:45 to take a fifteen minute nap because i was feeling psyched but exhausted, and i knew it was going to be a long day. i think that that power nap helped me, but it's hard to say because the day was pretty adrenaline.

drove to the convention center with the band and did the wheel of fortune set. it mainly involved us working with the music supervisor and music director to figure out how to make the timings of our tunes work with their strict timings for the opening, the segues, and the close. we had to do a lot of small changes on the fly, but mark was able to figure out most of that stuff (with some assistance from me) and the band did fine on it during the rehearsal. The open took a bunch of tries to coordinate between the show intro, our entrance, the cheerleaders' blocking, how that was all tied in with the entrance of Pat and Vanna (who weren't there, they used stand-ins).

at some point, rehearsal shifted from us being center of focus to the show itself being center of focus. The Pat Sajak stand-in basically ran through a dress rehearsal with the various contestants that were brought in for college week, and some of them were pretty deer-in-headlights, not used to the aggressive nature of the directors in charge that were psuedo-yelling at them for not being animated enough, for not doing things quite the right way, &c. The cheerleaders had a hard time of it too, the person that was trying to direct them were constantly yelling at them for their lack of showmanship and their general lack of promptness to enter or exit when they were told to, &c.

overall the band did fine during the rehearsal, and i heard that they did great during the actual shooting too, barring some small detail snafus and attention to detail things that would have bugged me if i were there, but that's how it goes. Mark said that the producers told him that out of all of the college bands they've ever worked with, we were by far the best one that they've ever had because of how on top of it we were, which i credit a lot to Mark and his talent at attention to all of the details of how to run a gig.

i left around 14:15 to get ready for the wedding, which basically involved me wolfing down some felipés since i hadn't eaten anything since breakfast in a cup at around 8:30 and i was starving, changing (which included my newly bought purple tie), and then driving over to the wedding venue. i was a little stressed out about getting there during the time i said i would, but it ended up not mattering because they were running a little behind on photos, so i got to chill out, relax, and practice my scripts that i cut and pasted into the physical booklet.

ceremony started around 5pm. it was a small group of people, and at first i was a little disoriented because with where Joseph and Val were positioned in relation to me and the seats, their bodies blocked the view of most of the attendees, so i wasn't sure where to put my visual energy, where exactly to look, and how to project. i ended up doing fine, but it was still a little stumbly for the first segment just because i was still processing how best to approach my role as a conduit to the audience when i couldn't really see them nor could they see me.

the second and third part went fine as i adjusted by projecting a little louder than i normally would have and slowing down and overenunciating just slightly to account for the visual blocking. i got a lot of compliments from people about my performance, which was pretty nice.

dinner was pretty great, and i got put on a table of people i didn't know but were all talkative and neat people, so the time passed by pretty quickly. after dinner, there was musical entertainment from a local band called the Moonshiners who were absolutely fantastic. they have a regular playing gig at the Spotted Cat, and now i'm going to be sure that i see them there one of these nights because they were damned impressive.

i ended up staying at the wedding for longer than i wanted to because Joseph and Valerie were being slow about dealing with the final paperwork, but it wasn't a big deal since the band was lots of fun to listen to and the energy of the place overall was fun to watch, and i figured it was much more important that they enjoy themselves and do what they wanted and needed. i didn't end up getting out of there until roughly 23:00 which put a crimp on a reasonable time to try to get people together to drink, but at that point i was pretty tired from the long day, so wasn't sure how up to a big drinkfest i would have been. i did end up going out with mark to Cooter Browns since he was starving. it was a long day for both of us, and after i had a couple of drinks in me, the exhaustion took over, so we got out of there fairly quickly and i crashed and didn't wake up today until roughly 11:00.

it was fairly unique for a birthday i think, but it pretty much kicked ass. we'll see what happens next year.


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