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boo hiss.

on friday night i decided after i was done cleaning and prepping for the saturday poker game that never happened that i would try to get a jump start on writing the new Tulane exercise packet. It was the first time i would delve into percussion mapping in the new version of Finale we had just upgraded to in the office.

three hours later, i gave up because it seemed like they really broke it. I ranted on twitter about it, wrote a very detailed blog entry about it and then created an account on the makemusic forums specifically so i could ping it to the company that currently owns and releases the software.

today i got a response back from the IT ticket that got created for me that confirmed that yes, the functionality that i relied upon in versions Finale 2009 and prior no longer existed in the newer versions of Finale. The knowledgeable tech support guy who is in charge of my ticket has taken one of my files with my complicated percussion map and is seeing if there's a way he can jimmy-rig something in the new version of Finale to have it work the way i want it to. I don't have a lot of faith that he'll get anything to happen.

He passed my whole complaint to the developers too; i dunno if my single voiced complaint will make any sort of difference for future versions. other people have raised the issue too, so maybe there will be some traction.

hopefully. i don't want to be stuck on Finale 2009 forever. it really may be time to make that switch over to Sibelius.

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