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brushing teeth revisited

for those that may have skipped this entry and are wondering what i'm about to go on about, the short of it all is that i now own a sonic screwdriv... err... toothbrush and therefore broke my 10+ year habit of brushing my teeth whilst showering.

i think it was two days ago when i was in the shower and an interesting thing happened. after i put the conditioner in my hair, i had an instinctive reflex to brush my teeth. and the fact that i *wasn't* brushing my teeth started to actually stress me out. i became more physically aware of my teeth and the fact that they needed to be brushed. it took some degree of effort to not reach over and grab it.

it was pretty fascinating. i mean, i've had the instinct before - not surprising since it's been such a long habit of mine - but this was the first time that the lack of teeth brushing in the shower created any sort of real anxiety.

the initial instinct was to transfer my sonic to the shower and start the habit again. immediately my real brain kicked in and said, "are you an idiot?" the whole point of the exercise is to break that feeling, that habit, to reach a point where not only does not brushing my teeth in the shower cause no anxiety, but feels like a historic and currently unnatural thing to do.

or something *close* to that anyway. maybe it's not important for it to feel unnatural, but i want to reach a point where it doesn't feel like a habitual comfort. once my brain clears it out of being a habitual comfort, i'll probably start doing it again.

it is pretty damned convenient, really.

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